Willy the Walking Waffle is a cartoon character created by Kellen.

He first appeared in Art2-D2′s Guide to Folding and Doodling as a character to be drawn using a special technique. He has made recurring appearances in the series since then, the most recent of which being in Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, in which he was seen sitting with the Big Pink, a suspicious processed ham. In The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee he was given a girlfriend named Vanessa the Roller-Skating Mustache, and did battle with the Wicked Witch of the Butter.

On the Origami Yoda Website, a new character named Jeffrey the Mysterious Corn Cob was added as an unknown association for Willy. We have yet to find out if he is a hero or a villain.


A cartoon featuring Willy the Walking Waffle.


Jeffrey the Mysterious Cob.