Tippett Academy is Caroline's school.

It is a main setting for the Third Origami Yoda Book.

In Darth Paper Strikes Back, it was revealed that Caroline, Dwight's crush, had been taken out of McQuarrie Middle School, and enrolled at Tippett Academy. Dwight took this very hard, and asked Tommy to create the Darth Paper case file. The reason for this, however, was not revealed until the end of the book. The reason was to get Dwight's mother to realize that he was not bad, but misunderstood, and send him to Tippett instead of the Correctional and Remedial Education Facility, or CREF, where the troublemakers get sent. At Tippett, however, Dwight was normal-ized, which took away what made him special. He taught other kids how to make Origami Yoda, which took away some of how special Origami Yoda is. The McQuarrie kids try in The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee to get Dwight and Yoda back, and succeed, allowing Dwight and Yoda to return in time to help destroy the FunTime educational program.

Students Edit

Here is a list of students mentioned in the books that go to Tippett.

Caroline Edit

Caroline is the crush of Dwight, and has hearing problems. She, with the help of Dwight, avoided the "understanding our differences" obsession of Tippett. Her character based off of Tom Angleberger's wife, Cece Bell.

McCallie Edit

McCallie is a student at Tippett who wrote a case file chapter. She wrote, "Origami Yoda and the Origami Yodas" in the Fortune Wookiee.

Kendyll Edit

Kendyll is on Tommy's brother's Swim Team. He thinks Dwight is 'great,' which seems to mean the exact opposite. He appears to dislike Dwight.

Tyler Edit

Tyler is in Dwight's class. He folded an Origami Yoda with sunglasses on. He said that complete sentences were not required in class, and they could write fast and sloppy.

Kimmy Edit

Kimmy is a good friend of Heather, and loves to hug people. She loves to 'understand' people.

Heather Edit

Heather is a close friend of Kimmy's. She also enjoys hugging people, and "understanding people's differences".