NOTE: this is an Origami Yoda EU story.

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The rise of the Funtime-pireEdit


Things are getting pretty bad for the Origami Rebels.

Principal Rabbiski just recruited some kids for a Funtime spying agency to spy on the Origami Rebel Alliance. I think I should tell the other rebels so we can stop them. I'm going to Dwight's house, so I can tell him. When I got there the door was unlocked, but I knocked anyway. "Come in," said Mrs. Tharp. Dwight was in his room. " Principal Rabbiski started a Funtime spy agency! We need to stop them," I said. "Stop them we must, hmmm? Alert the other rebels at school, Dwight and I will," said Origami Yoda.



Aw, c'mon! A Funtime spy agency?! When I first heard the news, I thought Dwight was joking. Turns out, he wasn't, which means bad times are ahead. This afternoon we had a Origami Rebel Alliance meeting at lunch. Harvey, Kellen, Dwight, Sara and me were there. "So, there is a Funtime spy agency? I think we should check for spies," said Sara. "Purple," said Dwight. We looked around. "No spies," I said. "Wait, I see something," said Kellen. We looked again. I saw it. Dwight saw it. Sara saw... him.

Turns out, it was a boy with blond hair, light skin, and green eyes. "Uhhh... i'm a spy. For Funtime," he said. "Why are you a spy? turn to the Rebellion," said Sara. "I'm afraid Rabbiski will lower my grades," said the boy. "It's your peformance in school that affects your grades, not who you side with," said Dwight. "Ok, I will join the Rebellion. My name is Bob," said Bob. "What charcter do you want to be? You can be anyone," said Dwight. "An ewok," said Bob. "Ok, I have one here," said Sara.



Woo- hoo! We recruited a member of the Funtime agency to the rebellion! Now, we have a recruitment team.

Tommy, Kellen, Dwight, and Bob are on it. Today, Tommy and Kellen approached a girl named Christie and asked her to join the rebellion. "No! I'm already sided with Funtime," said Christie. "Think about it. Do you really like no music, gym, or clubs? Probably no," said Kellen. "Your'e right, I'll join," said Christie. Also, Bob recruited someone named Shawn, who was also a former Funtime agent. "Only one more to go," I said the next day at lunch. "Yeah, I think we should ALL aproach the last one," said Tommy. "Great idea," I said. "Bob, do you want to find out the kid's name? It would be a big help," Kellen asked. "Ok," mumbled Bob. After lunch we met the kid. It was a boy named Mark. It took a lot of coaxing. Once the bell rang, we ran back to class. "I will join the Rebellion," Mark whispered.

That evening, we all went to Dwight's house. We had a big party to celebrate. There was fruit punch and vanilla wafers to snack on. It was stooky! All of a sudden, everyone got quiet. "Dark times, ahead they are. Funtime, been defeated it has not. Rise again it will...