Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda!

A Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda.

The Superfolders are fans of Origami Yoda that make origami star wars characters, videos, and drawings for the old Origami Yoda website ( or created an account on the new website ( ).

There are also superdrawers, superdoodlers, supermoviemakers and super writers.

Ultra FoldersEdit

Ultra Folders are Superfolders that have made exceptional origami creations. The award is handed out by SF Grant From the wiki.

Some of them are pretty known all over, examples are

The Jedi Council of Superfolders

These are the Superfolders who have gone above and beyond in accomplishing things.

  • Tom Angleberger
  • Cece Bell
  • Webmaster Sam
  • Fumiaki Kawahata
  • Van Jahnke
  • Samy
  • Chris Alexander
  • JC
  • M/F
  • SF Grant from the Wiki
  • Chad H.
  • YodaMaster
  • SF Micah
  • SF Jonah
  • SF Ben
  • Um Hi Guy
  • Slyarch
  • Sf yoda994
  • Sf guillermo

Members Of The Van Jahnke Yoda Club Edit

These are Superfolders who have folded the very tricky Van Jahnke origami yoda design.

  • SF Grant from the Wiki
  • JohnF
  • AlexL
  • Jedi Trevor
  • Palpatine
  • MichaelT
  • Capone7
  • Firk
  • Jack
  • Xarl
  • RockHopper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Slyarch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Some super folders include: (* =only active on new site)


SF guillermo

SF yoda994

SF Darthcjdude

SF Grant from the wiki (on the new site UserSFGrant)

SF Grant

SF CJ (not JC)

Evil Jawa

SF Sammy

SF Megan/Phread

SF EthanMon (Atem)

SF Griffin

SF Stephan

SF Caleb

SF CalebP


SF Scott

SF Erik

SF Erich

SF Lorenzo

SF cooper

The Paper Jedi Society

The MasterFolders on ( SF Hansel, SF Grant from the wiki, wbfirk, Um Hi guy)

SF Peach*


SF Alex

Mr. Schell's Class

SF Justice

SF Steve

SF Any body want a cressont?

SF Johan

SF Joshua

SF JoshuaR

SF Nimbus

SF Prime

SF Grey

SF Tony

SF Noah

SF DarthNoah

SF Hansel

SF HanselC

SF Potato

SF Ian

SF Landon

SF Nolan

SF Michael the original

SF MichaelT

SF Xarl

SF Gandalf

SF Timothy

SF Oscar

SF OscarA

SF OscarU

SF Bobyoda*

SF Wookieeman*

SF ObiDrawn*

SF Riley*

SF Maliki

SF Steve

SF Duncan

SF Zod*

SF Hunter

SF Max

SF John

SF JohnF

SF JohnC

SF JohnB

SF John40OLove

SF Kaden

SF Ben


SF Jesse

SF Robby

SF Mike*

SF Cole

SF Aiden

SF Isabelle (Ella or Bella)

SF Thomas

SF ThomasH

SF William

SF WilliamT

SF Nick the great

SF Seth

SF Brennan

SF Jedi Trevor

SF Carson

SF Herobrine*

SF Andon

SF Danny

SF DeAnte


SF DJ Fett

SF RockHopper

SF Tyler

SF TylerM

SF TylerZ*

SF PauseenP


SF Jessenia*

SF Harald*

SF MasterFolder_John*

SF Carl (The_Carl_Marx)

SF FizzpopDarthPaper

SF McRobloxian*

Obviously the are many more not listed here. Contributors: please add REAL Superfolder names in the comments or article.