Quavondo Phan is the famous "Cheeto Hog", but Origami Yoda helped him erase this nickname by having him buy Cheetos for everyone. Dwight Tharp reluctantly let the "Cheeto Hog" talk to Origami Yoda though at first he said "No". But, then his hand shot up and Yoda started talking then Dwight Tharp put his hand over his OWN mouth and mumbled the rest. This is minor evidence that Origami Yoda is might be a fraud. In "Darth Paper Strikes Back" he sells "Nothing" to his grandmother for $5 instead of popcorn for the fundraiser. In each of his stories, he mentions Mr Good Clean Fun. Quavondo's Grandma is known for cussing a lot, so is Soapy The Monkey. Somehow he owns Soapy The Monkey. He once complained to the Fortune Wookie that his grandmother would cook the infamous "Big Pink" every Thanksgiving. The Fortune Wookie replied saying he should become a vegetarian and proceeded to lecture him about having "A bad diet".He took the advice and became a vegetarian. His finger puppet of choice is Kit Fisto