Prototype White Darth Paper by JC Michaels

Prototype White Darth Paper by JC Michaels

The following is non-canon. It is an inclusion in a fanmade reproduction of Origami Yoda but does not appear in the book.

Prototype White Darth Paper is a character in Origami Yoda: The Series who is white unlike his successor Darth Paper and carries a blue lightsaber. He is not nearly as evil as Darth Paper. He was created by Harvey. Origami Emperor Palpatine told Harvey to replace him and the Van Jahnke Yoda with Darth Paper.

White Darth Paper must be refolded at the end of every episode, as something always happens which causes him to be ripped or stained or ruined in some other way. He is folded like Ben's Darth Paper which conflicts with canon as Ben's Darth Paper was created by Ben when Harvey did not reveal how to fold his Darth Paper. In the series, Darth Paper is a modified version of Ben's Darth Paper which incudes eyebrows.


Prototype Darth Paper's succeeder by JC Michaels

Evil puppet (but he is not 100%)

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Origami Yoda (Harvey's)

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Origami Yoda (Harvey's) (Longer term)