Principal Lougene Rabbski (AKA Empress Rabbski) is the principal of Mcquarrie Middle school. She is the second antagonist of the series ( the
The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee pic

Empress Rabbski

first being Harvey ). In Darth Paper Strikes Back, she is the one that got Dwight suspended because of an accident in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. When Tommy was trying to argue for Dwight, she said that what she was doing to Dwight was best for him. In the school meeting she came to discuss Dwight with the school board. When she didn't listen to Tommy's case,  Dwight's mom started to lose her temper and ranted at the school board while Principal Rabbski was trying to calm her down. But Dwight's mom simply ignored her and left with Dwight.

In The Secret of the Fortune Wookie, she suddenly appears in the library and tells Sara she did not expect her to be carrying a Star Wars "finger puppet". She then says that origami is not allowed in school anymore and if she catches any of them carrying one she will take them away. Harvey argues that it's not fair but she says that he was the cause of some of the problems and takes Darth Paper out of his hand. But then the librarian says she disagrees and says that she had bought Star Wars and origami books because she thought that kids were really into it. Rabbski bows and said that she would allow it but they could only use it in the library and walks away. Further in the book Tommy blows his nose in Harvey's origami snowtrooper to get even with him. Harvey starts to shout and scream and makes a commotion. Mr. Howell grabs Tommy , Harvey , and Kellen outside and yells at them. After that he reports them to Principal Rabbski in the office. Principal Rabbski lectures them about breaking the rules and nasty behavior from them. At the end of the The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, she sends letters home saying that that the special classes will be replaced by fundementals. Tommy suddenly gets scared and says that "this is going to be a whole new level of boring". Principal Rabbski returns in the next book about fundementals.

In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, she appears as an antagonist that the Origami Rebel Alliance fight and send letters to explain what the Rebellion is. They try to end FunTime. In Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!, she becomes a rebel using Dwight's Princess Labelmaker.