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Origami Emperor Palpatine a character in the Expanded Universe

The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe started with Superfolder JC giving Tom Angleberger a story, The Return of the Wookiee. Tom then told JC that the story was not official canon, but more "Expanded Universe!"

JC took that to heart, and began the Expanded Universe of Origami Yoda, several people helped him including several Superfolders.

OYEU material is non-canon but with new improvements has taken steps to ensure continuity is established, and therefore readers are welcome to accept the stories as canonical if they so choose.

The OYEU also has "other tales", where other franchises are realized in an origami form, such as DC and Marvel Superheroes, Origami Creepy Pasta, Doctor Glue, and Foldy Jackson. and "The Strange Case of Fruitigami Yoda" by SF Fett.

The OYEU is hosted on . The URL name derives from the first story which involves the bad Origami Chewbacca from The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.