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The van Jahnke Yoda by SF Capone7


The Van Jahnke Yoda

Harvey's Origami Yoda, or the Van Jahnke Yoda, is a major antagonist in the first book, alongside Harvey.


The day after Dwight threw out his Origami Yoda, Harvey concluded that he should make his OWN Origami Yoda. The next, day he made a deceptive chapter saying i was right! over and over (obviously false). Then he said Sara hates Tommy, but Dwight poped on them with another one of his own Yoda's. To counter Harvey's Yoda's advice, he said that Sara does not hate Tommy. Then, Harvey made a bet with Dwight's Yoda on whether or not Sara likes Tommy. He lost the bet at the school fun night and was defeated. After his defeat in the end of the first book, nobody knows what happened to him, other than Tommy saying that Harvey ultimately threw him away.

It was later revealed in "Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus" that Harvey said that Sara hates Tommy only because he had a crush on Sara, too, and wanted Sara for himself.

Possible Canon and 100% FanonEdit

he appears in possible canon in the story by SuperFolder JC, Attack of the Crease Dooku. Also, some people think that Darth Paper is really that Origami Yoda, just re-folded into Vader. He returned in the fan story Revenge of the Van Jahnke Yoda.

Debate over design Edit

There have been several attempts to replicate there are four main sides. It is most likely that the Yoda was just a sketch, and was named after Van Jahnke, who helped the series come to life. As author, Tom Angleberger says, there may be no official one.

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SF firks Van Jahnke Yoda (Tape supporter design)


  • There is no offical Van Jhanke Yoda. But SF Capone7/ vanjhanke has folded one that somehow looks very simalier to the book one, and Tom said to fold that one instead of asking him for instuctions.