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Sf Firk's origami ewok.

Origami Ewok
was a minor character in The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, in one of Kellen's files labled, 'Kellen's Chapter'. In it, Kellen tries to get Rhondella to be "unmad" at him, because he thinks she's still agitated about the canidate poster he planted in Darth Paper Strikes Back. Sara confronts him and tells him she's just not interested in him, and that Rhondella never will be. She hands him the origami Ewok, and tells him to use it when he calmed down, (he was very, very angry at this point). After a bit of complaining and an unidentified swear word ("a word that was not "bantha dung" but means basically the same thing."), he takes it and shoves it carelessly into his pocket. After school that day he takes it out and examines it. "I wasn't really feeling better, but I was curious just in case there was some clue in there about how to get through to Rhondella. Maybe I was underestimating the power of Ewoks, just like everybody did in Return of the Jedi." -Kellen. He started to feel guilty about how careless he'd been with it, and decided it was fairly awesome. On the back of the well folded finger puppet there was a URL for that linked to the image of the certificate and trophy he'd received earlier, for the fake contest that Remi and Sara had set up earlier to get Remi a picture of her and Kellen together. In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett Remi forms an anti-hugwalking alliance against the BLC and a division of the Rebel alliance makes Ewok puppets. Ewoks identified by name include Logray and Wicket, and the tribe appears to include Teebo and Chief Chirpa as well. Remi folded a lot of Ewoks including Kellen's. In the book Emperor Pickletine Rides the School Bus after all the force is taken from the puppets. Remi claims that her ewoks still yub nub on their own.

The book instructions for the Ewok end up with the ears being the same color as the hood. This is believed to be intentional.