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Murky, in his normal "Happy Juice" state.

Murky writes a chapter in Darth Paper Strikes Back and one in The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee. He writes the chapters "Origami Yoda and Yoda" and "The Fortune Wookiee and the Flight of the Millennium Rug-Boni". He is best friends with Ben Mantrue. He is the wielder of Padme Origamidala. During Princess Labelmaker To The Rescue, he is teased because some 6th graders think he is gay.

Murky invented the word Stooky, a very popular word on Tom Angleberger's website. He also made up "bolt", another strange word. In the book Jabba the Puppett, he made up the word "nostrul", which means "worse than sucks". There are other words that Murky also uses, like "narnar", "pikpok", and "spugly". In Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, he invents "meefulito", which means "smug".

Stooky Trivia Edit

  • In Princess Lablemaker To the Rescue, he is teased because many 6th graders thought he was gay. Furthermore, he is not gay.