Dwight Tharp Ms. Tharp's son.

Ms. Tharp is the mom of Dwight. She had a divorce and it is implied that her ex-husband was the one who filed for divorce and legal separation. She probably got a second job not just to fund Dwight's schooling but also to help pay off a house mortgage. This is implied because Dwight said they used to have a dog but Mr. Tharp took it with him (hence the dog door) so this means he let her keep the house. The legal terms might have meant he got legal custody of the dog and Ms. Tharp got legal custody of Dwight. Mrs. Tharp seemed to show no obvious love or appreciation for her son in till The end of Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book. She tends to get mad very easily. She is shown to get worried easily and seems to show no care about past events.