Gorman Howell
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: White (Book 1)
Black (Books 2-6)
Eye Color: Unknown
Occupations: Teacher (sixth grade)
Aliases: Howell the Hutt (by Kellen)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Lougene Rabbski (fiancée)
Friends: Lougene Rabbski
Employer: Lougene Rabbski (formerly)
Mr. Randall
Enemies: Tommy Lomax
Kellen Campbell
Other Information
Interests: Punishing Tommy and Kellen
Clique: McQuarrie Middle School staff
Talent: Sneakiness
Series Information

Gorman Howell is an extremely strict 6th grade teacher at McQuarrie Middle School. He is against origami in the school and appears to have a grudge against Kellen, Dwight, and Tommy. He is known for his similarity to Jabba the Hutt and even has his own origami puppet of him, much to the surprise of the kids. In Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!, he joins forces with the Origami Rebel Alliance and helps stop FunTime.

As of the sixth book, he is engaged to Lougene Rabbski.

Biography Edit

Mr. Howell is introduced as the stereotypical mean teacher. He has a grudge against the kids throughout the series and is always looking for an opportunity to get them in trouble.

Appearance Edit

Fake jabba

Kellen states that Mr. Howell looked like Jabba the Hutt and later the Rancor. In the The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, he states that he knew all along about Kellen's "Howell the Hutt" comparison and even remarked that it was fitting for him as Jabba was his favorite character in Star Wars. He also wields Jabba the Hutt in The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first book, Mr Howell had white hair, in others he had black.