This article is in need of images. Please upload a relevant image. Marcie is a minor character in The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda. She participated in the School Spelling Bee, and asked Yoda for help. Origami Yoda tested her by saying he would tell her tomorrow, causing Marcie to call Dwight a fartface. Origami Yoda gave her the wrong answer, humiliating her and completely shattering her belief of Origami Yoda. Marcie never asked Yoda for help again, explaining why she isn't in the other books.

The word Yoda told Marcie to look up was mulct, which means to trick or to punish. This is fitting since by giving her the wrong answer Yoda both tricked Macie and punished her for calling Dwight fartface. 

Warning; The following is non-canon. It contains obsolete OYEU material no longer in use.

Marcie, however, does make a small appearance in the EU story "The Mystery Of Crease Arrow" She is mentioned in Shawn's chapter "The Stolen Trophy", as Shawn's friend. Marcie tries to twist Shawn in her vision that Dwight and Origami Yoda are bad, until Crease Arrow confronts the two of them on the stolen trophy, which Shawn knows nothing about. Marcie attacks Crease Arrow in an attempt to stay out of trouble, which fails. Marcie gets in big trouble, because when she confesses to stealing the trophy and tells them where she put it, it isn't there.

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