Jacob Minch is a fan-created character by SF JohnF in the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe fanon. He also appears in a fanon story by SF Grant and SF Mike.

He created Emperor Papertine.


The following is non-canon. It is based on Expanded Universe material.

The McQuarrie CrewEdit

Jacob Minch's past is shrouded in mystery. It is possible he is an immigrant from Poland . He was a former friend of Dwight Tharp in kindergarten, and even taught Dwight how to fold his first Origami piece; but when Dwight started to show him up, Jacob wanted revenge. He met a kid named John Jackson who was a friend of Dwight's and told him about Dwight including what school he went to and what toothpaste he used and other stuff, but Jacob had no idea this kid would be his down fall.

Years later, when the McQuarrie Crew was in Eighth Grade, Jacob returned to get revenge on Dwight.

He began the first week of a long war, with a new finger puppet: an origami Emperor Palpatine.

He tried to tear Origami Yoda, but Tommy stole Papertine. Jacob proceeded to grab several puppets and quoted "NO NO NO YOU WILL DIE!!!", quoting Palpatine in "Revenge of the Sith".

He then destroyed severel puppets by throwing them into a prototype super shredder.

He was defeated, and Papertine was cryo-frozen, leaving his plans ruined.

However, Phase 2 was about to begin.....

Jacob got back to his old tricks within the semester. He found and thawed Papertine, and taped to it The Super Saber, which was basically an origami lightsaber covered with a coating insulator and lit on fire, with which he tried to burn down MMS.

Tommy, Kellen, Dwight, Harvey, and Sara stopped him, destroyed Papertine, and the school was saved.

One month later, Jacob Minch was a wanted kid. He was somehow able to persuade the teachers into letting him back into school, and he gave one last ditch effort to defeat them:

He would shred Dwight's science project with his Death Shredder.

After a grueling war, Papertine was shredded (again), Jacob folded a new one (again), but it was lost in a duel against John. When Jacob charged at him John flipped him and threw him off the balcony, and on to a trampoline. John then won the Origami Emperor Palpatine. Jacob got expelled (again) and was sent to Tolkien Middle School, where his new rein of terror would begin.....

The Tolkien Crew

Jacob's new school year started at TMS. There, Jacob meets and befriends four kids named Ernie, Alexander, Benny, and Mary. Then he reveals his evil origami. The Tolkien Crew were fed anti-Dwight propaganda, and were given origami storm troopers. Jacob then convinced the Tolkien Crew to capture and wreak vengence on Dwight.

It is possible Jacob is related to Adam Minch, a minor character in Princess Lablemaker to the Rescue.

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