Gizmo is a singing calculator an animated companion to Professor Funtime, who first appears in [[The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett]] he has a weird, robotic voice and six buttons. He is the main antagonist of books four and five (not counting the activity book), and Professor Funtime's second-in-command.



Gizmo, alongside Professor Funtime and Webster the Dictionary first appear in book four. McQuarrie Middle School get the lowest standardized test scores in the country, so the school board hire EduFun to send their Funtime program to McQuarrie. Where out of the three characters, Gizmo was the most drawn and most hated. Harvey for a science project comes up with scientific evidence that FunTime makes him dumber. He tries to achieve this by playing brainbusters2 lite with his cousin, JC and documents the scores. He ends up having to come up with something else for a science project.

Appearance Edit

Gizmo is a calculator, with a rectangular body with a bigger box outline and square eyes, he also has a usually open mouth with five or six teeth inside, he has six buttons below his mouth at the bottom of him, somehow, he lacks a screen

Trivia Edit

  • He is the Most hated FunTime character
  • His voice actor even hates the character himself
  • Now Thanks to him, Dwight is saying "Ah Pah Fah Tah Stah"(that means OPPA FUNTIME STYLE!)
  • Gizmo likes rapping, a LOT
  • The hashtag 'HateGizmo' was used by the voice actor of gizmo and Tevon Riley (actor for Professor funtime)

Quote Edit

  • "ONE MO TIME!"