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Origami Chewbacca is a character in the Origami Yoda books.

The Original Origami Chewie only appears in the case file "Origami Chewbacca And The Unsigned Suspension Slips."

A new, revamped cootie-catcher version of Chewie appears in his own Origami Yoda Book, entitled, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee.

In "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda."Edit

Origami Chewbacca, which is commonly mistaken for a Gorilla with a tie on, is in only one chapter of Book 1; folded from a suspension slip of Dwight's. Tom said that Origami Chewie was thrown away by Dwight's mom, who was probably angry about Dwight not telling her about the suspension slips! Very strange.

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The ORIGINAL Han Solo, with Chewbacca, during the poll for the star of the second book

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In "Darth Paper Strikes Back."Edit

Though Origami Chewbacca was not a character in the book, he WAS in a poll to decide who the second book's cover star is; which was ultimately revealed to be Darth Paper, But they were 2nd place runner ups. He would've been the star along with Origami Han Solo.

Link title==In "The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee."==

The Fortune Wookiee, Chewie, is the cover star of this book, and he is now a cootie-catcher. Supposedly folded by Dwight, he has the Force and tells what the Wookie is saying

. Speaking only in Shyriiwook, his partner Han Foldo translates all of his advice. The Fortune Wookiee is as helpful as Origami Yoda was and does things such as advising Lance to be proud of taking ballet and tap lessons, or asking Tommy to apoligize to Harvey for blowing his is nose on Harvey's origami snowtrooper. Harvey does not believe in Chewie's Force powers and speculates that when he gives his ninth peice of advice, he (Harvey) can prove that the Fortune Wookiee is fake, as a cootie-catcher can only give eight fortunes. This plan was sucessful, and Harvey tried to take the Fortune Wookiee to further prove it fake. However, Sara and Rhondella were still holding on and it ripped. Tommy knew that something was up and interviewed Sara about it, when the truth of the Fortune Wookiee was revealed: Sara folded it and Han Foldo, not Dwight! The true purpose of the Fortune Wookiee was to gently tell Kellen that Rhondella doesn't love him. Tommy kept the reason a secret but said in the case file that it was fake. Sara also used tape to attach the Fortune Wookiee back together and she made it speak again in the cliffhanger last chapter of the book; it says (as it said earlier in the book) the Superfolder word "Wug!"

In "Origami Chewbacca: Revenge of the Wookiee."Edit

In this fan-story, Origami Chewie (Old Division) is the cover star. He must stop Emperor Papertine from destroying the school.

In "Origami Chewbacca 2: The Attack of the Crease Dooku."Edit

This story is about how, (you can find this in origami chebacca 1) after Dwight and Tommy, wielding Yoda and ackbar Ackbar, save Origami Chewbacca and his home planet Kashyyyk from Crease Dooku and his legion of Battle droids, Harvey breaks into Dwight's house and steals Dooku. Terrible things start to unroll after that.


See the folding pattern for Fortune Wookie at

For a nearly perfect design for the Origami Chewbacca (Old Division), go here.


  • Tom Angleberger's wife, Cece Bell, is the creator of the Fortune Wookie in real life. It took over 12 hours to make.