Dwight Tharp

Dwight Tharp is your ordinary school oddball. His hobbies are sitting in holes, playing with giant yo-yos, laying on the floor in the school library, making lip balm rockets, and folding origami. This last hobby led to the creation of Origami Yoda, and his becoming one of the most popular kids at school. He is a pornstar.

Origami Yoda

One of many awesome origami folds from Dwight, Origami Yoda has proven to be one of the wisest Jedi ever. Whether it comes to getting rid of embarrassing nicknames, obnoxious brats, crushes, and even evil pickles, Origami Yoda has the answer. Sometimes he will give you an answer for something that has months yet to happen, but when that time comes, it pays off to have listened to Origami Yoda. Origami Yoda has also helped Dwight Tharp become a very popular kid at school.

The history of Dwight and Yoda

Book one: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

It started with the initial folding of Origami Yoda. Dwight took him to school one day and showed the whole school. Then on the annual PTA fun night he started asking people to ask OY for advice, and the advice ended up saving Tommy Lomax's bacon. Soon all sorts af kids, mainly Kellen Campbell, Sara Bolt, Tommy and Cassie started asking for help. However fellow student Harvey Cunningham believed that Yoda was just a hoax by Dwight for Dwight's popularity. He worked hard to prove so, but every time Origami yoda proved him wrong. Later in the school year when asked for OY's advice and then chastised for answering "purple", Dwight unfolded Yoda an threw him in the trash. Thus OY was gone. Or at least it appeared that way, because the next day Harvey folded his own Yoda, which gave advice only that would entertain Harvey and embarrass or hurt everyone else, Dwight folded another Yoda and had a "duel of the Yodas" with Harvey. If Harvey's advice on Tommy question came true, Harvey won the duel and Tommy was humiliated. If OY's advice came true, OY won the duel and Harvey...was wrong. At the end of the book Yoda was proven right and Harvey was infuriated that OY had proven yet again that Dwight, the weirdest, and now (at least) fifth most popular kid in school, was not pulling a fast on on everyone else.