Ben Mantrue is one of Remi Minnick's best friends. Ben created a Logray puppet as is a member of the E.W.O.K.S. In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, Ben marches against the annoying girls who hug while walking.

History in the booksEdit

Ben Mantrue was a minor character in Darth Paper Strikes Back. He invented the method of Darth Paper Instructions from tweaking the emergency Origami Yoda instructions and turned it into Ben's Darth Paper. He appeared a few times throughout the book but had no speaking role. In his picture he seems to be wearing a hockey jersey.

In The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, Ben was a character who folded an Origami Darth Maul and wanted Dwight to see it. Fanmade instrux were made on YouTube

In "Emperor Pickletine rides the Bus", Remi, (who had a crush on Kellen) falls in love with Ben during their sixth grade field trip. They kiss in front of some meerkats, Mr. Howell yells at them, and then the meerkats appear throughout the book.

The original E-Z Darth Paper

A pixilated Ben's Darth Paper

A pixelated Ben's Darth Paper